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Privacy Policy for Farrow and Affiliated Companies

Farrow values the privacy of our customers, and is committed to protecting personal information. We typically collect company or your personal information with your consent through a web registration form, when you call a sales or support associate, or purchase products or services. At times, however, personal information is obtained from other sources, such as government bodies or third parties, as permitted by law. Except with actual or implied consent, or as permitted or required by law, Farrow will not sell or distribute personal information outside of Farrow and its current and future affiliated companies.

1. Application of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all of the information practices of Farrow and to all of its
business operations, products and services, including:

  • Print and electronic publications published by Farrow.
  • Conferences and other events produced by Farrow.
  • Email newsletters or marketing material related to Farrow products and services.
  • This Farrow Website.
  • Farrow customers and potential customer relations.

2. Personal Information

Personal information will be collected, used, stored and disclosed by Farrow, electronically or otherwise, only with the knowledge and consent of the individual  to whom it relates. As appropriate, Farrow will ask for specific consent to collect, use, store and disclose personal information. This may be in writing or orally. In some cases, consent can be implied through an individual relationship or conduct with Farrow.

The purpose of collecting personal information will be expressly stated by Farrow whenever solicited, and will not be used for purposes other than those stated. Where the purpose for the collection of personal information is unclear, you can ask a Farrow representative with whom you are dealing to provide an explanation of the purpose for the data collection.

Personal information obtained by Farrow will not be shared with third parties, except as permitted or required by law and/or unless the actual or implied consent of the person to whom the personal information applies is obtained beforehand. Farrow uses third party service providers from time to time to carry out certain functions, and you consent to disclosure of your personal information to such service providers.

Information which Farrow treats as personal is all information that is identifiable to an individual or information that permits an individual to be identified. This includes the individual’s IP address and the information collected through  Farrow’s web registration form, or sales or support associate. Personal information does not include business contact information, such as name, title,  business address and business telephone number when used for business communications.

A. Security. Personal information collected from the Farrow Website is always collected on a secure web server using 128-bit encryption. Personal information is safeguarded on Farrow servers. Access to the personal information on Farrow servers is protected by the use of a security system, a firewall, passwords, and in some cases encryption.

B. Identifying Subscribers. An individual may be required to register on the Farrow Website to gain access to content. A registrant is normally required to supply personal information when creating his or her account. After registration, a small file (commonly called a “cookie”) is created and stored on the registrant’s computer to: (a) maintain access to content; and (b) facilitate the use of the Website through bypass of the sign-in process upon successive visits. The use of cookies is an industry standard and many websites use them.

C. Purposes. Personal information collected through Farrow’s web registration form is subject to Farrow’s Privacy Policy and is collected for the following express purposes:

  • To fulfill your information subscription request on www.farrow.com, farrowlogistics.com or  register your Farrow Product Catalog.
  • To ensure that you qualify to receive access to the Farrow Website or publications.
  • To contact you regarding your registration in order to verify the information supplied by you  and to allow you to make changes to your information. Contact may be made via email,  mail, fax or telephone.
  • To respond to sales inquiries, to determine which of its products are most useful, and for  survey purposes.
  • To inform you of new products, services or information related to Farrow or to the industry.
  • To provide products and services to you from time to time.
  • To maintain our relationship with you including, without limitation, communicating with you  from time to time as required and maintaining mailing lists.

Farrow only collects personal information as required to meet the purposes that  have been identified. We do not indiscriminately collect or retain information. Farrow may from time to time modify the purposes for collecting personal information.

D. Transfer. Farrow may transfer the personal information collected to its current and future affiliates to enable them to fulfill the purposes listed under Section C.

E. Opting Out. A recipient may, at any time, opt out of receiving any Farrow email newsletters or emails from Farrow which inform about new products, services or information related to the industry by so indicating at the time that information is being given  to Farrow, or thereafter, by following the simple steps stated in any such Farrow email received or by using this link to submit your unsubscribe request.

At no time shall consent to collect, use, store and disclose personal information be a condition for supplying a product or service, unless the information requested is required to fulfill an explicitly specified and legitimate purpose.

An individual may also revoke his or her consent to the collection of his or her personal data. The individual can exercise this right by contacting Farrow (at the address shown below).

F. Accuracy of Collected Personal Information – An individual has the right of access to, and the right to correct his or her collected personal data. The individual can exercise these rights on request and free of charge. If a cost is associated in order to produce the request, Farrow shall notify the customer upon receipt of request. Farrow reserves the right to confirm your identity before complying with any access request. Farrow will from time to time on its own initiative, or immediately upon an individual’s request, rectify or erase any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal information retained by Farrow.

Information that is no longer being used for the reasons stated upon collection is deleted from our databases after five years.

To access or change your personal information, or for any matters pertaining to privacy of personal information, please contact our chief privacy officer as follows

2001 Huron Church Road
Windsor, Ontario N9C 2L6 CANADA
Telephone: 519-252-4415
Facsimile: 519-252-0982
Email: CPO@farrow.com

3. Non-Personal Information

Non-personal information may also be collected automatically from the Farrow Website in the form of web logs. The web logs are used to analyze anonymous behavior on the Farrow Website for the purposes of improving Farrow products and services. On occasion aggregate statistics will be provided to reputable third-party companies, but these statistics will contain no personally identifiable information.

4. Liability

The Farrow Website and Farrow email newsletters may contain links to third party websites, for whose information practices Farrow is not responsible. When leaving the Farrow Website or Farrow email newsletters, please read the privacy policy applicable to the website to which any link is being made.

Farrow is not responsible for the use by third parties and Farrow employees who  have both lawfully and unlawfully obtained individual’s data from Farrow’s Website or database.

5. Modifications

Farrow reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Such changes, modifications, additions, or deletions shall be effective immediately upon notice thereof, which will be given by posting the revised Privacy Policy on this page. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this Privacy Policy periodically, and to be aware of any modifications. Your continued use of our site after any such modifications will constitute: (a) your acknowledgment of any modified Privacy Policy; and (b) your  agreement to abide and be bound by any modified Policy.

6. Complaint Procedure

If a client of Farrow has a complaint in relation to handling of their personal information they should first refer to the Privacy Policy to define the circumstances where Farrow has failed to adhere to the policy as we have set out herein.

The customer should contact the chief privacy officer noted above in Section 2(f), with the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your address, email address and where you prefer to be reached
  • If you prefer, fax number with area code
  • The nature of your complaint
  • Details relevant to the matter and with whom you have already discussed the issue

If your concern is not resolved to your complete satisfaction, please feel free to contact:

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
112 Kent Street
Place de Ville
Tower B, 3rd Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1H3

7. Anti-Spam

Farrow will ensure that consent is obtained, either implied or express, prior to sending commercial electronic messages (CEM).

Implied consent from an existing Farrow business relationship will be valid for two years after purchase or contact expiration or six months after an inquiry or application.

Farrow will solicit express consent (orally or in writing) by requesting parties to “opt-in” to receive CEMs. Requests to opt-in must include:

  • The purpose of the consent
  • The name of the person/company seeing the consent
  • Contact information, mailing address and phone or email address
  • Statement that the person can withdraw their consent

Farrow will ensure that all CEMs include the ability to unsubscribe within sixty days after the message was sent.


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