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Business to Business shipping.

International logistics for direct to business clients.

What are you shipping? Where is it going? Whether you have a brick and mortar location, or need pick and pack warehousing, Farrow Logistics can customize a solution to get your goods delivered on time, with minimal complications.

Our network of strategically placed warehouses and offices help ease logistic management by offering swift, easy passage through borders, airports and international trading centres.

Case Study B2B

Shipping to Business Problem.

International shipping fees and returns can be expensive, with costs continuing to rise. This can have a negative impact on customer conversion and overall revenues.


Shipping to Business Solution.

Farrow Logistics gives you a rated file of all goods shipped. This means duties and taxes can be calculated in advance, so customers are never surprised by their final bill.


Customized Options for Business to Business Shipping


What Our Clients Are Saying


Great people who thoroughly understand the North American logistics business.
Their knowledge of customs compliance and procedures is extraordinary.”

Transportation Manager, Global Manufactring Corporation


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